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Coach Winter CF-L1 Trainer

Winter is a coach and our CrossFit UCS office manager. She has been doing CrossFit since CrossFit UCS existence when it was just “her and the guys”. Winter is married to coach Tim and they have two daughters (currently aged 7 and 4 who also love CrossFit Kids). The Arrington’s live out the CrossFitUCS motto- God, Family, CrossFit!

Winter’s favorite workout is “Annie” and her favorite bar movement is “Thrusters”. It is her passion to see families teaching their kids the importance of taking care of their bodies. She is a true believer that a healthy body extends to all areas of ones life- “I can honestly say working out makes me not only a better athlete but a better mom and wife”. Her favorite thing about our gym is that “it’s family”.

Winter earned her Level 1 in 2019 and has been CrossFit UCS’s office manager since 201


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